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Advanced Digital RF Systems

Checkpoint's new Liberty family of antennas is the most advanced EAS solution available to today's retailers. By combining next-generation Digital RF technology with robust communications and remote alarm data-capture capabilities, Liberty antennas deliver superior performance to maximize loss-prevention effectiveness in any store environment. Liberty provides:

* High-performance Digital RF detection
* Virtual freedom from false alarms
* Value-added two-way communications
* Flexible, customizable configurations
* Automated alarm analysis
* RFID upgradability
* Remote system monitoring
* All-new, ultra-durable design
* Ideal platform for detection of both EAS and RFID tags

Choose the system that's right for your stores:

Liberty Brochure - Soft Goods (PDF, 644K)

Liberty Brochure - Hard Goods (PDF, 496K)

Liberty PX for high-traffic areas (PDF, 418K)

Liberty GX for the ultimate aesthetics (PDF, 406K)

Liberty QX or maximum flexibility in tight spaces (PDF, 421K)

Liberty DX (PDF, 52K)

Liberty CFX Floor System (PDF, 161K)

System Enhancements:

CheckPro Manager Data Management Software (PDF, 139K)

Liberty CFX Floor System

Liberty CFX is the ideal design for apparel and specialty retailers who want to provide superior security while supporting a welcoming customer environment. When appearance matters, this invisitble system offers unlimited coverage in a highly flexible package that blends seamlessly with any store's decor. With no vertical pedestals to interfere with floor traffic, apparel and department store retailers receive the security of an EAS system without sacrificing the aesthetics and selling space of the store. The Liberty CFX system is installed into the floor and is available to span 4, 8 or 12 foot wide openings. Checkpoint can also work with retailers to accomodate wider openings.

Choose the Liberty CFX Floor System for:
* High-performance Digital RF detection
* Unlimited aisle-width coverage
* Discreet design


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