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  Meto PL One Line Series
Mark items quickly and reliably because the feed mechanism keeps the labels running smoothly. Rely on consistent, high-quality print with every squeeze of the handle. Clearly view labels in the dispensing channel, on the roll and during the dispensing function. Inscribe a name or logo on the tools' red inserts. Load and unload label rolls and ink rollers quickly and easily. Customize your tool layouts to your own specifications.

  Meto PLTwo Line Series
Ergonomically- advanced design- increases user productivity and reduces fatigue, Durable construction- reduces risk of breakdowns, Rounded-Edge Nose- eliminates damage to packaging surfaces, Uniform pressure devices- assures clear, consistent print quality, Full A-Z Alpha character Capability- eliminates the need for custom labels, Optional Standard Printbands- allow tool customization to meet special requirements, Visible, easy-Access Label Roll- speeds label roll loading and unloading, Meto quality- provides solid durability for years of dependable use.

  Sato Kendo One-Line Tool
Offers a wide variety of print formats Kendo dispenses 2200 & 2600 series labels Judo dispenses 220012 & 260012 series labels Label feed slots ensure positive registration Locking print bands guarantee legible print

  Sato Judo Two-Line Tool
Clear, large font type Easy-to-load 'drop-in' ink roller Open path for easy label loading Fast, easy &flexible Light weight and comfortable grip

  Primark One Line
Load/exchange ink rollers faster and easier, Rely on easy-to read print quality every time, mark thousands of items quickly and reliably because the feed mechanism keeps the labels running smoothly, Set and read pricing easily with improved dial knob design, Choose from optional stock printheads or customize your own tool, Load label rolls more quickly and simply.

  Monarch 1130
Increase Productivity in Your Store Operation! Eliminate hours of annoying, costly downtime with easy drop in loading of labels and easy snap-in/pop-out ink rollers! * Speed up your operation, get products on the selling floor quick * No more lengthy, repeated training- EASY DROP IN LABEL LOADING! Anyone can do it... in seconds * Saves you valuable time... speedy, smooth operation * Neat and clean ... EASY SNAP-IN/ POP-OUT INK ROLLER * Large label rolls mean fewer loadings, less downtime * Save money on supplies... less label waste when loading * Rugged construction... durability tested 200 times * Easy, fast troubleshooting... open "total view" access to inside * Ergonomically styled to fit comfortably in your hand * Clean look, bright white labels improve label visibility * NEW DIRECTION LABELING---Designed for portrait (vertical), not landscape (horizontal) printing!

  Monarch 1115
Versatile, with Increased Print Options! Do pricemarking and more, even on durable outdoor labels! * Gives you important print options such as comparison price (shows customers their savings), SKU code, shelf date and more * Solves faded print/readability problems for nurseries and other outdoor businesses. OUTDOOR™ labels hold up in extreme conditions, keep print legible * Multi-purpose marking tool, does it fast * Improves productivity, fast click-and-stick operation * Easy portability

  Monarch 1110
Dominant Choice of America's Retailers! Thick-skinned, built to take knocks...the one-line labeler you can always depend on! * Tough, survived being dropped again and again in our rigorous endurance tests * Reduces labor costs. Lightening fast....marks an 18-item case in five seconds * Increased accuracy, fewer errors with easy-to-read print * Small, efficient space-saving labels * Labels anything anywhere * Simple operation...just click and stick * Lightweight portability

  Monarch 1135
Makes Labeling Simple, Fast and Foolproof! Save hours and dollars with the fastest most efficient labelers on the market! * Increase your productivity, speed up your operation * Cut hours of costly downtime * Less time spent on training-easy label loading! Anyone can do it... in seconds with DROP IN LABEL LOADING * Eliminate cleanups, messy fingers... EASY SNAP-IN/ POP-OUT INK ROLLERS* Stop non-productive downtime; large label rolls mean fewer loadings * Save money on supplies... less label waste when loading * Easy, fast troubleshooting... open "total view" access to inside * Design based on surveyed label users... all your needs met in one labeler * Clean look, better legibility with bright white labels * NEW DIRECTION LABELING--Designed for portrait (vertical), not landscape (horizontal) printing!

  Towa Single Line
Low-cost marking with big features: lightweight, sturdy metal construction, replaceable rollers, perfect registration and distinct legibility.

  Towa Double Line
Low-cost marking with big features: lightweight, sturdy metal construction, replaceable rollers, perfect registration and distinct legibility.

  Dennison 106
Prints clear, crisp prices on a variety of labels; you choose the format Perfect for simple pricing and coding Ideal for special pricing on tagged merchandise Prints easy-to-read labels Rugged and economical Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue Fast, accurate copy setting Uses permanent or removable labels Disposable ink rollers.

  Dennison 210
The retailers choice for general price marking, SKU control, department identification, cost coding and season coding Versatile and simple to use Allows you to print price, SKU, department, date, season code or any other data on one easy to read label Copy prints clear and legible loads easily Holds 1000 labels for greater productivity Has disposable ink roller

  Dennison 216

 This versatile tool is ideal for price marking and product identification. Suitable for a variety of applications. Item Identification, Inventory Control, Part, Lot and Inspection Code, Box End Labeling, Comparative Pricing.


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