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  Mark III Tool Pistol-Grip #10651
Improved egonomic design features for operator comfort and reduced squeeze makes this tool the preferred choice of operators. New special feed mechanism accepts both Standard 50 per-clip Dennison ™ fasteners and new 100 per-clip Swiftachment Plus.™

  Mark III Long Needle Pistol #10636
No. 10636 Mark III" Long Needle Pistol Tool The extra long stroke and needle are designed for tagging bulky merchandise.

  Mark II Scissor Grip #08945
The original tag attaching tool is comfortable and easily actuated. Operators say the Scissor-grip design feels most comfortable for tagging hanging goods.

  Mark III Horticultural Tool Heavy and Super Heavy Duty
No. 11057 Mark in Horticultural Tool - For Heavy Duty Fasteners
No. 11058 Mark in Horticultural Tool - For Super Heavy Duty Fasteners

Designed to meet the tagging needs of the horticultural industry. Special materials resist corrosion and a drain hole allows for repeated cleanings.

  Mark II Fine Fabric Scissor Grip #08946
Designed like all Mark II tools for durability and operator comfort, this tool's scissor-grip design is the best option for tagging hanging goods. This lightweight tool uses regular 50 per-clip 3/4" and 2" Fine Fabric Fasteners

  Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol-Grip Tool #10312
The Fine Fabric system is always the one to use when tagging delicate items such as undergarments and other fine fabrics. Designed with a fine needle to greatly reduce the likelihood of holes and snags.

  Swiftach System 1000 Pistol Grip #10000
System 1000's pistol-grip design and built-in tag rest let the operator hold a ticket in place while moving the needle to the garment for easy one-handed tagging of either flat or hanging goods. The System 10000 hand tool features a special mechanism that prevents gun jams. For industrial applications, air powered System 1000 units are available.

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