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Checkpoint accessories enhance system functionality
Checkpoint offers a full range of accessories designed to fit your store operations and make the most of your RF EAS system. As with all Checkpoint products, you can always count on high performance, reliability and ease of use.

Label applicators

Manual, electric (110v only) and battery-powered models affix labels quickly and efficiently. Some units even scan bar-codes and print them on security labels.

Versatile new OMNI tool puts three EAS accessories into one package

The OMNI tool combines functionality of the Personal Tag Verifier, the Deactivation Verifier and the Portable Deactivator into a easy-to-hold RF-EAS tool. The self-contained unit automatically recharges when placed in its docking cradle.

Alarm counter

Available as a sensor mount or wall mount, the alarm counter unit tracks the number of EAS alarms.

People counter

Measure store traffic with this optional accessory.


Designed for use with reusable tags, Checkpoint detachers provide easy, reliable operation at point of sale. Hard tag detachers have no moving parts, so they can't wear out. Some are specially engineered with strong magnets to eliminate the threat of black market detachers. Special SAFER detachers are also available, including the industry's smallest, most convenient unit for detaching SAFERS from entertainment products.

Advanced electronics enable our sophisticated RF sensors to distinguish between tag signals and environmental noiseóvirtually eliminating unwanted alarms. These state-of-the-art systems emit a low-energy RF pulse, which "listens" for the tag. This digital signal processing allows increasingly precise detection of tags of all sizes.

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