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Data Management Software
CheckPro Manager and CheckPro Auditor

With retailers losing in excess of $50 billion annually due to shrinkage and theft, the need for comprehensive asset protection has never been more important. Retailers can no longer afford to accept shrink as a cost of doing business. Retailers need to detect shrink before it happens, not after the merchandise has walked out of the store.

Checkpoint has an innovative suite of asset protection solutions that allows you to collect real-time data, connect it across the retail enterprise and control shrink. In other words, you can capture and aggregate in-store loss prevention data, apply sophisticated analytics to identify trends in shrink and theft and define actions to reduce loss. And because our solutions can easily integrate with all brands of LP hardware and data, you can leverage your existing corporate and IT infrastructure.

CheckPro Manager
CheckPro Manager is a state-of-the art data collection and reporting tool that works in conjunction with EAS systems to simplify and broaden in-store data collection, enabling you to implement decisions that can immediately improve operations and increase profits.
* CheckPro Managerô provides additional intelligence via a secure, web-based reporting service and delivers reporting for up to 10 levels of hierarchy, covering the range from store to enterprise.
* Checkpoint hosts the web-based service, therefore thereís no need for additional IT resources or equipment.
* CheckPro Managerô seamlessly integrates with any manufacturerís EAS systems.
* Packaged as a compact, wall-mounted display, CheckPro Managerô can be situated near an entrance or exit for easy access by in-store personnel or service vendors.

CheckPro Auditor
CheckPro Auditor is an end-to-end audit solution for automating current methods of in-store data collection and reporting analysis across multiple locations. Within retail, audits are often conducted by departments such as loss prevention, human resources, operations and facilities, etc. CheckPro Auditor enables real-time information flow and reduces administrative burden through web-based reporting and actionable feedback. It eliminates duplication of effort, allows tracking of productivity and frees up resources to complete a greater number of audits.
* Speeds information flow across the enterprise and reduces administrative burden
* Provides a concise view of global compliance
* Provides real-time, automatic distribution of reports and actionable feedback to any number of recipients
* Available on a variety of wireless and non-wireless devices


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