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Checkpoint deactivation streamlines POS operations

Checkpoint's patented RF-EAS deactivation technology integrates with POS procedures. For retailers focused on customer service, checkout proceeds rapidly and deactivation takes place discreetly. Regardless of tag orientation, efficient, non-contact deactivation helps eliminate false alarms due to failure to deactivateˇeliminating unnecessary embarrassment for your customers. And only RF EAS allows simultaneous integration of price scanning and security tag deactivation for maximum efficiency.

Checkpoint RF deactivation

* Supports high-speed cashier throughput Supports one-step scan/deactivation
* Offers the largest deactivation range
* Can be placed on or under counter for space savings and flexibility at POS
* Reduces internal theft and "unauthorized" deactivation with Interlock feature
* Does not damage merchandise, cash/credit cards or smart cards

Exclusive features enhance POS loss prevention

Checkpoint has expanded its RF EAS deactivation technology to address other critical shrink areas. Interlock, which only allows deactivation after a valid bar code scan, prevents cashier sliding. Post-scanner verification alerts the cashier when a label is not deactivated. It can also alert the store manager that an internal theft attempt (sliding and sweethearting) might be occurring or it can activate a CCTV system to record the event.


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