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  Symbol Mobile Computers

Mobile computers: Industrial class: MC9000 Series

Achieve higher productivity in scan-intensive environments

Symbol has released refreshed configurations of the MC9000 series. Now, speed response with ready access to the most current enterprise information. Used in retail, manufacturing, logistics and industrial environments, the rugged MC9000 mobile computers increase productivity by giving your employees timely access to the information they need to do their jobs faster and better. You gain overall operational efficiencies and reduce the costs and quality issues associated with data input errors. Rugged designs and comfortable form factors enhance both device and employee productivity and protect your investments in mobile technology. Ease of deployment and management reduces your IT costs and increases return on investment.

Improve your warehouse picking productivity and other warehouse operations with our rugged, wearable voice-directed solution.

MC9060-G Handheld

Speed the capture and exchange of accurate data in scan-intensive applications with a pistol-grip, variable-range scanning mobile computer.

MC9060-K Handheld
Create the best device for your needs with a modular handheld computer offering multiple configuration options.

MC9060-S Handheld

Collect data and manage transactions with speed and accuracy wirelessly from the field with a rugged handheld computer.

MC9090-G Handheld
Designed for workers inside your four walls, the MC9090-G offers advanced data capture options and integrated wireless LAN/PAN plus a comfortable ergonomic pistol grip to enable real-time data collection in scan-intensive environments - in the warehouse, on the loading dock, out in the yard, and in the back room or out on the sales floor of a retail operation.

MC9090-G RFID Handheld

Arm your mobile team for maximum efficiency with a rugged multi-protocol, multi-mode handheld RFID reader.

MC9090-K Handheld
Designed for workers inside and outside your four walls, the MC909X-K offers advanced data capture options and integrated wireless WAN/LAN/PAN, delivering true cost-effective anywhere anytime voice and data connectivity for route salespeople, field repair personnel, and workers on the manufacturing, warehouse or retail floor.

MC9090-S Handheld
Also designed for workers inside and outside your four walls, the MC909X-S offers the same features and functionality as the MC909X-K including integrated WAN/LAN/PAN in a compact design for applications that require a smaller form-factor.

MC9097 Handheld
Maximize the efficiency of your mobile workforce with Symbol's MC9097, delivering on-the-spot integrated voice and data connectivity, complete with cost-effective Nextel Nationwide Walkie-Talkie instant voice communications.

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