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Reusable Tags

Reusable tags offer visible detection and strong deterrence

Checkpoint's durable, reusable tags, in a variety of styles, provide maximum protection for high-theft apparel and high-value merchandise. A difficult-to-defeat locking mechanism thwarts shoplifters while allowing easy removal with the POS detacher unit.

Choose the best tags for your store

A variety of hard tags in UFO, mini-UFO, mini and other styles, for maximum detection in wide-aisle systems
* Lightweight Designer tags, custom imprinted in one or two colors, encased in clear plastic
* Flex tags, made of lightweight, durable Tyvek and printed with a simulated bar code

Benefit Denial

Checkpoint fluid tags are a cost-effective way to foil shoplifters

The ChekInk II fluid tag discourages shoplifters even before they attempt to steal. This benefit denial tag contains sealed vials of permanent dye that will break if forcibly removed from the garment, rendering the item unsuitable for wear, return or re-sale. Ideal for cost-conscious retailers looking to begin a loss prevention program, these economical tags work as a stand-alone security device or in conjunction with existing EAS systems or hard tags.

Control shrink and promote self service

Put high-ticket apparel on open display with confidence. Lightweight and unobtrusive, ChekInk II tags won't interfere with customers' ability to try on garments. Made of durable ABS plastic or clear polycarbonate, these reusable tags are designed to stand up to routine handling. They're simple to attach and detach using the ChekInk detacher. High-quality pins ensure that they can even be used successfully on delicate fabrics.

Checkpoint's ChekInk II tags

* Economical Reusable
* Small and lightweight (21/8" x 1" x 1/2", 0.25 oz. / 5.4cm x 2.54cm x 1.3cm, 7 gm)
* Increased visual deterrence
* Compatible with all existing EAS systems and hard tags
* Yellow and blue ink
* Pharmaceutical quality glass vials
* Verbiage or icon warning


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