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Checkpoint sensors do the job

* Deter thieves
* Provide a feeling of security for your customers
* Protect your inventory
* Yield excellent, reliable detection with minimal false alarms
* Offer completely safe protection for products and people
* Match any decor
* Incorporate leading-edge digital signal processing

Sophisticated sensors suit every application and environment Checkpoint sensors can meet any retail requirement. Our most advanced systems feature integrated transmitter and receiver electronics that let you customize antennas to match unique architectural designs or provide discreet security in upscale environments. As retail needs evolve, we design new systems to be compatible with existing tag styles and deactivation equipment as well as to enhance performance.
All of our systems are designed for:
* Performance
* Durability
* Easy upgrades
* Entry/exit or in-lane use

Digital signal processing provides precise detection

Advanced electronics enable our sophisticated RF sensors to distinguish between tag signals and environmental noiseóvirtually eliminating unwanted alarms. These state-of-the-art systems emit a low-energy RF pulse, which "listens" for the tag. This digital signal processing allows increasingly precise detection of tags of all sizes.

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